Lemania Indigo has put out a new group gift, called Sparkle...It is a set of two outfits, 2 sweaters and coordinating pants, for 1L! The first set is a pale, sheer sweater with matching pants. The second set, is sparkly blue with matching pants. The skin I am wearing is called Anita and it is on sale tomorrow at [M2M] for 35L. My hair is Suzy by Exile and it is on sale right now at The Dressing Room Blue. My shoes are a new release from Mz Shoes called Be Rose in Chantilly.

There is just a couple hours left on this deal at Purple Moon...they have a formal hairstyle, called Rie, on sale for 55L for the entire fatpack! Join their group for 50L and pick up their 4000 group members gift, Lizz. Lizz is a stunning red and gold formal mermaid gown. They also have some other group specials so make sure you take a look around! There is only a couple more hours in the 55L sale, so you better tp fast!

Brought to you by Boulevard Agency

You are invited to an amazing combination of style and finesse.  
With detailed creations from Yula Finesmith of Finesmith Designs 
and beautifully tailored designs from Purple Moon.  

Saturday, October 20th, 10am slt

Please remember to keep your arc low. 
We want to make this enjoyable for everyone, 
but we are here to see the designs so lets make it as 
easy as possible for the models to do that.

Hey all... it's been a long while since I blogged last.. Rl has been kind of surprising and busy till now. My friend, Lilac Niven passed me Lil's Fleur to try out and I fell instantly in love with it.

I love the frothy full skirt. It gives a feel of floating while you walk and shimmers and shines in the light. The flower with leaves ornaments are strategically placed at the hip and the neck (I had opted out of the neck one because of my hair). The dress comes in 7 colours among which Silver caught my eye because it reminded me of fairies..lol. The dress is perfect for a formal affair or a night of dancing under the skies, especially the waltz with your loved one. Just imagine floating on the arms of your love in this gorgeous confection of a gown, glittering and glowing. Hmm..that has given me a thought.

I have the dress.. but I need to find the right partner .. for a night of waltzing ..lol...

See ya soon..


Credits :

Outfit - Lil's Fleur
Skin - Mynerva hunt gift
Hair - ChiChickie! Damiana


A beautiful dress from Tres Beau, Monarch, appropriately named after the delicate butterfly. The dress comes in your choice of scuplt or flexi skirt.

Skin: LAQ - Ania 08 Fair
Hair: !VA! Phanton of the Opera-Auburn
Dress: Monarch by Tres Beau
Necklace/Earrings: Twilight in love by JCNY
Bracelet: Takara Bangle by Mandala
pumps: BareBrigitte by Stiletto Moody Tan
Yes, and with this fine day we have the fabulous 55L gifties for us all to love and enjoy!  Yula Finesmith has placed a piece that will draw your eye to it and those around won't help but admire the intricate design of this stunning piece.  The "Gold Urchin" bracelet fits snuggly on your wrist with a beautiful Urchin like design extending with elegance.  The Double rings seen in the picture below are also available at its regular price of 399L.  So be sure to pick up the ring to wear with your bracelet!

Finesmith Links:

Fell in love with this fall coat from *COCO*, it comes in three colors. Perfect for these autumn days!

Fall OutfitSkin: LAQ - Ania 01 Fair
Hair: Shag - Breathe Me - Pecan
Sweater: *COCO* CheckSwingCoat/Blue
Cami: **Mis**Frill - Sand
Pants: Lea Vivendi Pants/earth by LZB
Boots: Prestige Brown Leather by BAX

Finesmith Jewelry Design by Yula Finesmith will try to challenge all the models out there to put your styling abilities to the test!

Are you up for the challenge?
"Finesmith Style about...." a challenging styling contest held every week at FRIDAY mornings 9amslt. The contest will run for 10 weeks and every week there's one unique theme that will test your creative stylings! Research the fashion and art styles using exclusively the Jewelries from Finesmith Jewelry. Create that one breathtaking look that will take you to the finals. Interpret the theme into your own vision and let us see it on the runway.

How to be a part of the FINESMITH STYLE ABOUT..

1. Join the Finesmith group and be one of the followers of the blog and be updated for the latest release/new collections. secondlife:///app/group/b75f8ed0-69ab-500f-7b54-2110a5cfc58c/about

2.  During stylings, wear atleast one item from  Finesmith Jewelry. the rest of the styling to your choice(you may wear other designers jewelry as well, we support our fellow designers- its all about style) .

3. The Finesmith Jewelry style about... will be juried by designers, agency owners, photographers and more. Its a good exposure to all aspiring models to shine on the runway.

4.  Every week there will be a theme.  Before 9amslt, Friday of every week, research the subject and style the perfect outfit.

October 8: 1st week- steampunk - Winner Scarlett Loxingly
October 15: 2nd week- Kitsch - Winner BlackLiquid Tokyoska
October 22:  3rd week- Manierism - Winner Xenobia Foxclaw
October 29: 4th week- Surialism
November 5: 5th week- Classic
November 12: 6th week- Avante Garde
November 19: 7th week- fetish
November 26: 8th week- white
December 3: 9th week- contemporary
December 10: 10th week- Fashion Icon
December 17: 11 th week Final week theme to be announced ( all the 10 winners will compete with each other in this week)

Oh no, *wipes brow*, thats just CHLOE Hallucination! What amazing pieces of jewelry Yula Finesmith, Designer of Finesmith Designs,  has presented to us. With an amazing eye to details and creativeness. This collection is menu driven with 6-12 different gem and metal change options along with the scale option. Something Yula has done is mak eher newest collections lag free! Each piece has only one script in it yet controls texture change, gem change, color, glow, scale and opacity. So now you can teleport, dance, and enjoy low arc. Perfect for the runway!

The textures are realistic giving you just the look you are wanting when adding accessories to your ensemble.

Don't forget Yula Finesmith, the artist creating this fine jewelry, will be there to assist you if you need any help with adjusting or anything else you may need help with when it comes to the jewelry she has created. She is only an IM away so don't hesitate to ask.

Finesmith Designs Links:

Finesmith SLurl

Finesmith Designs Group

Finesmith Designs Blog
Hi folks, RL is kicking my ass again, so this is just a quickie. Head on down to Ivalde to grab their October group giftie! There's even a special blood spattered Halloween version included!!

Head right over to Ivalde and activate your group tag to grab yours!

Happy shopping!

Trin xx
Avion Cosmetics has given us Eye Shadows. This is SO exciting, why? Maybe because its another way for us to keep "OUR Skin" but be able to change the shadows without changing our skins. Make up is now becoming the most used accessory in Second Life® by women everywhere. Now, with Avion offering shadows, it gives us many more choices.

I have taken some shots of just a few of the many shadows available now at Avion Cosmetics. Stunning colors and brilliant designs is just a couple of things to be excited about when you head over to Avion to see what all they offer.

Avion Cosmetics Links:

Avion Cosmetics Slurl
Avion Cosmetics Blog
*The Curtains open slowly letting the anticipation build as you slowly start to see the stars of the show!*

And who may those stars be? Well, they are Lovely's newest creations.

Make Up is one of our favorite new things to use an accessory in Second Life® without having to change our "Skin". Lovely Mi is just one of those amazing designers who have taken the bull by the horn and given us exactly what we want. Take a look and if you see something you like, hop on down and grab your make ups! If what up see here now, isn't your flavor, well I am sure she will have something so still go and check them out.


With beautiful colors, striking eyes and luscious lips, you can't go wrong sitting down at your vanity and putting on some of these beautiful make ups.

Lovely Mi's Links:

Lovely Mi's Slurl

Lovely Mi's Official Blog
Inside the Twisted Mind of Lei Garnet: Something New, Something Old, Something Cheap, Som...: "GET THE LOOK: something new...hair: [elikatira] - 'Away' in brown10 (NEW)dress: AOHARU - 'Cable Knit Dress' in beige (NEW)something old....."
Love this dress by Donna Flora, and it was a bonus for me with a "darling" hair bow! Perfect dress for sight seeing!

Mildred by Donna Flora
glow studio - innocent, eyelashes
boon QP hair chestnut
PM Baby T's Plain : Silver
Skin LAQ - Ania Fair
Dress: Mildred by Donna Flora
Necklace/Earrings Pearl Drop by JCNY
Recently, Lemania Indigo released a dress that are sooo cute! The first is called, Come & Dance. It is fun a flirty with a tight fitting bodice, a ballerina-esqe skirt and very sexy stockings and garters. It can be worn as a dress or as a lingerie set. With it I am wearing RosenKavalier Hat & Hair in dark blonde from Rosenregalia. My poses are from Glitterati's free set to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. These poses are free at Glitterati right now. Happy Shopping!!


When you go to your closet every morning, does your expression light up with joy at the gorgeous, stylish dresses you have lined up to wear to every special occasion? No matter what your answer, every girl’s closet needs a few more pretty frocks, and this season’s collection from ALAFOLIE is the perfect place to start expanding your fashion collection.

ALAFOLIE Mainstore: http://slurl.com/secondlife/AlaFolie/138/145/38


She's a Diva! This gown is designed with the ever-popular, one-shouldered strap that is adorned with an amazing design! The spectacular ruffled skirt falls onto the floor to create an impressive train. Show your playful side in this lively design that is sure to make you the center of attention.



This haute couture gown will turn heads every time you wear it! Featuring and embroidery and intrincate pattern all over the top and skirt will make you shine. A magnificent skirt flows around you in a very smooth way as you walk or dance. The sophisticated "touch" is the majestic fan piece that will framed your body feauring metallic spikes in gold with some embroidery semi-transparent fabric intertwined the metal pieces.

Corina has been made in Ruby, Sapphire, Nougat, Noir, Purple and Emerald.

PurpleMoon Creation Mainstore


I ALEIDA I Aya gown - red

Fashion and trends constantly change and new designs and models are regularly launched by all the top designer brands to meet the needs of their highly demanding customers. All the designer brands work hard to come up with innovative designs to please their customers. One of the top brands that lead the competition by brining out many new models is ALEIDA RHODE.

Visit her shop at http://slurl.com/secondlife/FresH/186/120/22

 Giving back is so in style! Let's take a time off from spending lindens buying clothes and stuff and donate it to benefit others who are in need.

From the actual notecard:

EB Auction Info:

Date:  Saturday, October 30th.
Time:  We start at 8am and run for approximately 14-16 hours, in two hour blocks.
Where:  Sixx Pack Veranda
Who:  EVERYONE - they do not have to be a Sixx Pack Staff member. 
Benefitting:  The Epideromlysis Bullosa charity.

What is EB?
The skin has two layers; the outer layer is called the epidermis and the inner layer the dermis. In normal individuals, there are "anchors" between the two layers that prevent them from moving independently from one another. In people born with EB, the two skin layers lack the anchors that hold them together, and any action that creates friction between the layers (like rubbing or pressure) will create blisters and painful sores. Sufferers of EB have compared the sores to third-degree burns. 

How the Date Part of the Auction works:

Auctionees go up on the block to be won for a ONE hour date.  The money paid for you goes to EB. The auctionees are donating their time in effect for the auction as well as the date.  :)  Be sure to bring your friends in to help bid on you.  As the Auctionee you are obligated to go on a one hour date with the winning bidder.  The winning bidder, however, is not obligated to go on the date.  In other words, don't be offended if the bidder doesn't seem interested in fulfilling the date.  A lot of people just want to donate and help and have fun in the spirit of the auction and charity.  We DO, however, expect the auctionee to make an honest attempt at filling the date.

How the Item Stand In Part of the Auction works:

The auction block only works if there is an avatar standing on it, so we need people who are willing to commit to a 2 hour block of time to be the Item Stand in.  No, you don't hafta do the Vanna White arm-sweep thing, but ya can if ya wanna.  LOL  It helps if you get in the spirit of the auction along with the hostess and talk up the items to get people to bid for them.  Guys or girls work for this. 

If you are interested in going up on the block for a date OR as an item stand in, contact Kenzie Nieuport.
Please specify which two hour block you'll be available for.  Every attempt will be made to get Auctionees up on the block within that two hour period, but sometimes we run a bit late, so please be flexible.  If it is a case where you will be short on time, let me know so we can put you at the top of the two hour list.  :)


Thank ya'll so much!
♥ Kenzie

Your Limo to SIXX PACK
Because I am so happy that the blog is being viewed many times, I would like to give something in return. Wear something from the designers mentioned in my CREDITS tab, take a picture and post the link on the comments section of this blog entry. Do not forget to post credits and your name.

Inside the Twisted Mind of Lei Garnet: I'm a Fairy! Don't Shoot me!: "Seriously! I am a fairy that some scientist kidnapped and experimented with... when I woke up I was buried in a tub of ice with bruises and..."
Today I have the honor of sharing a design from one of my favorite jewelry designers in Second Life®.  *Zari* has put out a beautiful, dainty design perfect for any girl. With its intricate detail and stunning colors you cannot go wrong by adding this beautiful jewelry to your collection.  Hurry over to ZZari and see the other colors and variations this collection comes in.  You will not be disappointed!

The Historical Collection

Chocolate in Gold

Each set also includes scripted and non-scripted pieces.  Scripts are for resizing, as the sets are no modify.

The sets come in 4 gem options:
  • Amethyst
  • Azul
  • Chocolate
  • Ruby
And in 4 setting options:
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Onyx
  • Wood

*Zari* Links:

*Zari* SLurl

*Zari* In World Group

Inside the Twisted Mind of Lei Garnet: [aRAWRa] Shoe Invasion: "Halloween invaded my shoe closet with these flats from [aRAWRa] and I do actually wear them mismatched :D. If only hands need shoes, I will ..."
LOL Well maybe not ME, but these lashes sure are!
I'm A Star lashes perfect for those who wanna be a star!
Great length for that extra bit of flare to set your beautiful eyes apart from others.
Want to be a star?
Well here is your chance!
Garded Secret,Talyia Tarber,Lashes,Vanity Hud,Avion,Scarlett Loxingly
Perfect if used in conjunction with the Avion Hud.
You will have 100's of options for every possible outfit you may have.

*Also now available to work with the Avion Hud is the Butterfly lashes with and without the petal!*

Garded Secret Links:

Garded Secret In World Group

Model: Scarlett Loxingly
Photographer: Talyia Tarber

Sequin evening gown, Plunging neckline, Beaded waistline, Floor length

What else can you ask for?

Visit BEYONCE MAINSTORE: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bal%20Harbour/236/139/23