Yes! Another DU4 post...

I FINALLY got the chance to head over and check out Designers United 4, and I'm so glad I did! I love the set up, the theme, everything about this DU4. I shopped around a bit, I was limited on funds so I had to be choosy about what I bought. I'll make this quick.This is what I walked out with...

Above I'm showing my lovely new hair accessories. The Couveture Narcissus hair flowers. They come in two styles, and two different sets. I can see me wearing this a LOT! I paired it with one of my favorite hair styles from Tiny Bird, but it goes well with a lot of the hairs I have in my inventory with little to no adjustment. Aren't they pretty!?

Up next is the dress from Couveture that matches the hair accessories, simply called Narcissus this dress is so flowery and sweet. This is one of the few dresses I've seen that uses both sculpts and flexi to make up the skirt. The flowers around the hem are to die for, if you go in for that sort of thing... and I certainly do!

Hair - Tiny Bird's Girl Anachronism (Chocolate)
Skin - Mango Mango's Chapped (Dark)

A little note, these pictures were all taken at Dystopia and you can see more pictures from there at my friend Hybie's awesome SL Travel Blog, Avatars in Motion.
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