Hair POSH #1: Beat; Unisex; Platinum (short)
Hair POSH #2: Peek; Platinum (long)

Shoes: *mijnt* potato's shoes - YELLOW (GATCHA festival)
Swimwear: Doppelganger Inc. Gatcha Red/Silver Whale Bikini (GATCHA festival)
Sunglasses: FNKY! Fly Glasses (Black)
Hair POSH #1: Beat; Unisex; Platinum (short)
Hair POSH #2: Peek; Platinum (long)
I recognized Fab.Pony recently cause it was a part of the Summer Of Love Fair.
So i went there and found some cute stuff and a new release.

Hair: [Curio] – Post Ironic
Earrings: FAB.PONY – Leaf Earrings
Bracelets: FAB.PONY – Bracelets (White Wood)
Shirt: FAB.PONY – „Why don’t you love me?“ (new)
Skirt: FAB.PONY – Denim Rahrah Skirt
Shoes: Maitreya – Verve Pumps

Skin: Mynerva ~Fudge~ Sweet Innocence
So you know I was just hanging around by the beach looking sweet and innocent aka hot, under an umbrella and I thought KODAK moment!!! So I just found this great new hair store 100L's for the hair and I'm being a super bitch about letting y'all know about it cause I am like MINE. But I love you guys so I'm telling you geesh. All I do is giiivvee give give,,,,,,um yeah. Anyways I love this outfit because it is something so comfortable and relaxed yet still has a sexy flare with the belly showing and wedge shoes. FYI I live at the beach and wearing shoes with cork bottom by the water is a good idea they float! Once again anyways haha I hope you love this look as much as I do cause I want to make you happy and all. kiss kiss xoxoxo

Avitar looks bitchier than they appear
Stop looking at my shoes, look at my butt!!!! PERV
My hands are trying to tell my face to smile awww

Shape: Bella Bella Shape made custom by Strumpet
Pants: [love.] Lady Jeans- Sheer Grey (coming soon to Rumor sim)
Cardigan: [Decoy] Izzie Cardigan Navy
Top: !Ohmai : Basics Thrash Tank [Chilli]
Piercing: [skream!] "delicate fangs"
Tattoo: *Etchd* Mudflap Girls
Shoes: *Kookie* Powder Puff 'Spikeys' (50L Friday)
*Sh33k Poses- WooHay
[CnS Supermodel Fashion Poses s1] Standing 001b
[LAP] CBaby Got Back Too

METROPOLIS FASHION PARK & Arcobaleno Modeling Agency & Academy

A show aboard the TITANIC displaying gorgeous gowns from
Alafolie, Anubis Style. G. Sloane and MEB

Date: Saturday July 31st
Time: 3pm slt
Place: Metropolis Fashion Park


Saige Elton Seduction Gown-black


Check out more outfits from Saige Elton Haute Couture

Totally Random

So my good friend and make me laugh alotER (yes its a word look in my dictionary!) Noveen Benoir is not only a wonderful designer but what makes me love her even more is she really loves what she does. I love designers that really get excited about what they do. I mean that's the point really! So when Noveen goes Bella look at this isn't it just too cute!!! It makes me smile AND SO DO HER PRICES *coughs* (must be something in my throat of course prices don't matter tee hee). Noveen is also having a BIG OLE SALE right now!!! The two featured outfit are 50ls in their entirety. YAY

Featured back ground original art by: RileyJane Carver

Golden Retro- from Totally Random...duh is so freaking cute and has a few different choices of how to wear it
Hair- 69
Skin- Mynerva: Fudge: sweet innocence
Pose- (pda) [no longer open] I can't find pleasure
Emerald Isles- Totally Random (you guessed it)
Hair- 69
Skin- Mynerva: Fudge Sweet Innocence
Pose- (pda) [no longer open] I can't find pleasure

So do me a favor and go pick up some greeeeatttt cute cheap outfits :P

Totally Random <-----Click here to visit in world

House of Fox at Rumor Sim

Wow it has been a little bit since I posted last and glad to start back in with one of my fav stores!! This store has pieces that just make you go "wow" and then when you check the price you say "yay". Beautiful and affordable almost an oxymoron in SL fashion these days. I also adore the designer HE has an eye for fashion and knows how to make a woman feel fierce and sexy. I totally feel like Rihanna when I where his stuff. Fashionboi Landar you make me feel like a black Rapper!!! *says the blonde hair blue eyed valley girl proudly* These latest styles just had me jumping to the beat. Fashionboi Lander you know how to inspire me and so many others!

Hair in this last photo: Horror from Posh also at the Rumor sim
BRAVO!!! xoxo The new shop is at the Rumor sim....have you heard??? Check it out so great!!

Check out the new store here!!!<----click and go!!!


Skin: L.Fauna {Lapine . Tan 1} [Faberge-FR]
Top: Armidi - Classic Loose Tank [Cranberry]
Pants:*GF* - Capri Jeans
Socks: **DP** - Knit socks

Necklace: Armidi - Pearl Egg Necklace
Top: * [DIAPOP] * - oh:noo
Pants: Armidi - Grace Jeans
Shoes: >TRUTH< - Nomad Boots

Hair: epoque - Overpaid Stylist
Skin: [LeLutka] - LOLA (free)
Dress: Tiny Bird - St Augustine Dress
Shoes: *H&S* - RIVER SOL (free)
Bohemian Retro Summer Fun!!!

Headband: .:Relentless Couture:. Beads N Feathers headband
Shape:Custom by Hotdogs Miami
Eyes: .:Relentless Couture:. Eyes- Rainbow 2
Jacket: Gato- Flowery Brazer
Hair: [Nouveau Miranda] Amazonia (FREEBIE)
Shoes: K2K- Moccasins- blue
Skin:~Fudge~ Sweet Innocence- Black Brows
Pants: [ Cynful ] Orange Button Capri~ Grey (High+Shadow)
Shirt: Narwhal - Basic Black Tube 2
Bracelet: (NS) Rock'n'Rolla bangle set

Stockings are a overlooked component for outfits for women. The experience of SL is different for everyone; for those wanting to add a touch of realism to their ensemble, stockings are a easy way to do that.

*blowpop* has beautiful stockings in a variety of shades and textures.

Hair: ETD - Yvette
Necklace: *Just Me* - Funny Bow
Shirt: Nyte'N'Day - Itis Shirt
Skirt: *SL* - Low Mini Jeans Skirt
Shoes: *COCO* - Flat Ankle Boots
If anyone knows anything about me, they will know that I LOVE COLOR! And the summer time is all about color and light and just having fun outdoors!
I went through my whole summer wardrobe and i'm going to show you 3 of my favorite looks this summer!

First, when i hit the beach its more about being cute to me, rather an sexy, because i love to surf and i need somthing to wear that fun and functional! I picked up this cute bikini at Katat0nik in teal/pink (there are MANY other color various to choose from as well) theres somthing a little nautical to me about stripes, but with the pink ruffly trim and little ice cream decals, it fits right with my personality and expresses two of my summer favs, the beach, and ice cream! I also picked up this hair from Clawtooth which i ADORE! and it comes with the adorable flower as well! and because im not a huge fan of SL Feet, i picked up these super cute prim feet from SLink! and the best part is you can change the nail colors, and theres also seperate huds you can get that have even MORE colors and patterns of nail polish! and to pull it all together i chose the Relentless Couture Barbie skin which puts a cute smile on your face with the teeth detail.

My second look ties in very well with the boho chic style ive been rocking the past few months! i just feels right to me, and to make this complete look i picked up this awesome tunic from Sari's which also has that hippie boho feel to it, and i think it matches very well with this gypsy skirt from Relentless Couture, its is super low rise and georgeously flowy and detailed right down to the waist tie! (i'm also wearing the Relentless Couture Barbie skin here) and to bring it all together i picked up this lovely hair from Truth that comes complete with the beaded head band!

Last but not least is a more casual look, its perfect for walks on the beach, or shopping on the boardwalk! Here i'm wearing the Plain Jane skin from Relentless Couture, which has a sweet freckled sunkissed look to the face that i love! The cute top i got from Atomic i think just screams summer, and the shorts i got from Canimal i think went really well with the outfit, the cute heart detailed stripped belt goes great with the heart and stripes of the shirt. I also chose a wedge shoe from Nardcotix, with bow detail on the front and a wooden/cork heel, i think bring that summery boho appeal to this outfit, along with the hair from {JK} with the tintable headband to match any outfit!


first look:
Hair: Clawtooth - Lola's Big Date =
Bikini: *katat0nic* - Ice Cream bikini (pink/teal) =
feet: SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Flat =
Skin: .:Relentelss Couture:. Barbie (toothy) Tone 2 =

look 2:
hair: Truth - Boho - Champagne =
top: *Sari's* In The Clouds Tunic =
Skirt: .:Relentless Couture:. Gypsy Skirt - Pink =
Skin: .:Relentless Couture:. Barbie (toothy) Tone 2 =

Hair: {JK} Quin - Platinum =
Shorts: Canimal - love short (blue) =
Top: [ATOMIC] Cropped Love Tee - Cotton =
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix MANA Chelo Wedge - Ivory =
Skin: .:Relentless Couture:. Plain Jane - Tone 1 =


Hair: >TRUTH< - Leah
Necklace: =CC= Diamond Necklace
Dress: +grasp+ - One Piece Dress
Shoes: AOHARU - CrossLacedUpHeels
.:: The Ballerina ::.
.:: Earthbound ::.
.:: Major Doll ::.

As I continue to explorer SL I'm constantly amazed by the talent that resides here. I am increasing drawn to designers who show a more retro style. Many of these retro type stores bring classy back into style. One of the best examples of classy vintage is a little store called Orquidea Vintage & Modern clothing ( Lost Horizons (110, 149, 32) owned by Adriannesuz McMinnar .

Adriannesuz McMinnar designs are not only classy with a retro feel but incredibly sexy. Adriannesuz demonstrates through her designs that you don't have to be revealing to appear sexy. When she first joined SL she was not impressed with the need to have to reveal her bosom or midriff to portray sexy. She wanted a look that was more classy, elegant, and beautiful that would be more pleasing to her tastes. So she decided to get the look she wanted she would begin creating her own designs and clothing. Creating in SL at first scared her because she had no background in fashion either RL or SL. In fact, she stated that if you were to see her in RL you may not recognizer her because of her jeans and t-shirts. ;o) Not knowing exactly where to start she began to look at RL fashion and noted what she liked to begin crafting her designs in SL. Adriannesuz said her criteria for designing in SL stemmed around whether or not she would dream of wearing it in RL if she had somewhere to wear the garment and there were high heels that didn't torture her feet. Another one of her objectives is to create a more realistic texture that includes the proper amount of shading and wrinkles. She never relies on special Photoshop filters but relies a lot on her patience to create just the right look.

Adriannesuz says she admires women who can express their individuality, confidence and sexuality through fashion and accomplish this in a tasteful way. She doesn't appreciate fashion fads. The persona she wishes to reveal is the thought that she potentially raided her grandmother's closet and came out with all the timeless pieces.

She would like to begin creating men's clothing but is still looking for the right inspiration. In the meantime she has been inspired by a different genre: Steam punk. She says she is bursting with ideas to create casual and formal wear that will compliment all that is Steam punk. Judging from her current designs I hope to be one of the first in line to sport one of these masterpieces.

I highly recommend Orquidea Vintage & Modern clothing. The ambiance of her store is the feel of walking into a shop directly out of a Doris Day movie. The designs are all classy, elegant, beautiful yet leave much to the imagination. Go visit Orquidea Vintage & Modern clothing - Lost Horizons (110, 149, 32) and see for yourself. If you browse and have ideas for Adriannesuz she is very open to suggestions and equally as pleasant.

See you shopping!
Lizzy Nightfire


Stockings are a overlooked component for outfits for women. The experience of SL is different for everyone; for those wanting to add a touch of realism to their ensemble, stockings are a easy way to do that.

*blowpop* has beautiful stockings in a variety of shades and textures.

Hair: !lamb. - Teased Up
C.Smiti - FreeLove LongTop
::SUGARCUBE - Pink dot Jean shorts
Tattoo: I ♥ Rien -
Power Doll
Shoes: magi take - sports sneaker

I got the chance to have a preview on The Summer Of Love Fair.
The fair will take place between JULY 18TH and AUGUST 8TH.
Join The Summer Of Love fair group inworld to stay tuned!

Here is a little Preview.

#Before Sleep# | .+* FAB.PONY *+. | >>Alexohol: | Izzie's

Hair: [Detour] - In Bloom
Skin: :Curio: Sundust Beach Crude
Glasses: HOC Apparel - Rectangle
Outfit: .::Vassnia::. - Next Door Girl
Yes! It's Wednesday, HUMP DAY! I got the cute bangles for 69L humpday at Dark Mouse Vintage. So then I had to find something to wear with it! This skirt and top is a refreshing splash of chic summer by MEB Fashions. You have to check out this store with urban chic, Italian Fashion, and designer gowns.

Hair by Magika - Wild
Shoes by Kalnins - Yolanda
Nails by Mandala
skirt and blouse by MEB Fashions

Dress: Ducknipple - Sonnet Blue (small pink giftbox)

Check out The Dominion 'Under The Sea' Hunt
running Monday, July 12th through until August 16th.
Search for the hidden fish and find great prizes from fantastic designers!

This are just some of the gorgeous Hunt Items.

Nyte'N'Day - Semi-Sheer Tank
Angel Dessous - SummerBreeze
OoEas! - Balcony Babydoll
Eva - BlackPurple-Gothic
The sea Hole - Magic Tree bench
Trying to stay cool in these long summer days. Going a little more laid back and punk today in this outfit by Paper.Doll called rockstar 1. comes with a black miniskirt, fishnets and pink rock n roll tee shirt! The skate shoes are by Baby Monkey and have a color changing hud, so you can choose from a variety of colors!

Baby Monkey shoes and store, Dindrane Elfor/229/55/33

Hair: !lamb. Teased Up
Skin: ::Tyranny Designs:: Shockwave
Jewellery: *Ticky Tacky* Banjee Girl Jewelry Set
Outfit: *BOOM* Rhapsody
Tattoo: .:::: dEVOL ::::. Celtic Code Tattoo
Shoes: AOHARU EthnicBijouSandals Opal

Monday Mania - G SLoane Couture
Summer Stars – A light and breezy gown of cotton voile covered with beautiful stargazer lilies for only 50L


More and more amazing items between 25L to 50L at Monday Mania

Monday Mania: Plaid Balone Shirt from [M2M] Minutes To Midnight, at 35L

For my shoes, a great thanks to 24 Shoo Shoes, for product updates visit their website

Monday Mania: Butterfly Effectz

**BE** Seraphena, a soft Lilac Floral strappless summer dress sculpted skirt and bow, Cordinating wedges include, for only 50L

Monday Mania: SF Design LuLu is a sexy ensemble of stretchy black and white striped shirt and a black mini over dress with flexi prim skirt - easily resized with a menu driven script -( wear it tiny if you wish ;) includes panties, for only 25L

Monday Mania: Xen Hammock from Xen Builder, at 50L only

Weathered, inviting low prim hammock offering relaxing single and couple poses. Poses are newer and non-static. (copy version)

MOnday Mania - 25L

Lotus: Art waving fairy with water

The SoL Fair '10 will still be raising awareness for mental health but focused on issues caused by human relationships. The fair will be open to the public on July 18th - Aug 8th 2010!

.:Relentless Couture:. Has 5 awesome items up for grabs when the event opens, and i wanted to share them with everyone so they can know what to expect!

Vintage Jumper - Baby Pink, This cute outfit is the perfect alternative if you arent a fan of dresses on those hot summer days, and whats more practical to wear if you are riding your bike down by the beach or being a little more active and dont want to worry about your mini dress riding up! This outfit comes with sculpted leg attachments and a sculpt matching belt, with resize scripting. (this will also be available in 5 other colors soon at the .:Relentless Couture:. Mainstore)

Ruffled Maxi Dress - Nothing says summer like a long flowing dress, and this casual gown of person for that summer date, or a day in the park with friends! it has a sculpted bust, and glitch leg ruffles so you legs around showing when you sit!

The Gun Bra - Since the latest fashion trend to attaching weaponry to your breasts, this item is just that! Not only will men be staring down at your chest for a different reason, you can tell them to "Back Off" with this stylish bra!

DIY Tunic - Baby Blue, This adorable top, has a sculpted bottom, for the baggier look, and cute antique florals on the chest! (This top will also be available soon at the .:Relentless Couture:. Main Store in 4 other colors as well!)

Beads-n-Feathers headband is a boho inspired piece adorned with, of course, beads and feathers! this item is resize scripted to fit any head size and hair!

.:Relentless Couture:. Main store: