*Pic done by LovelyMiwako399 Menna from Paradise Kiss Studios*

.:*December*:. Glasses No.50 (in pic #1)
.:*December*:. Glasses No.44 (in pic#2)
.:*December*:. Glasses No.49 (in pic #3)
[Tacky Star] Stain Eyes (In all Pics)
.::Cstar::. The Beauty Skin (Sold Out) - Pics 1 and 3
.::CStar::. Miss July Skin in Pale (Only avaliable in July in lucky chair) - Pic 2
Clothes from Jetdoll and Nyte'N'Day, Hair from Truth

An ageless look, a smooth transition, great attention to even the smallest detail and AWESOME craftsmanship are put together to create the most wonderful accessories, glasses and so much more that the adorable japanese designer MandyMandy McMillan has to offer at her store .:*December*:.

She somehow manages to create accessories, glasses and so much more that can be used in different situations, and with such detail that makes you fall for them in an instant, from sweet to sexy, from pin-up to casual, from extremely hot to artistic, MandyMandy and her creations leave a mark in your mind and fashionista heart.

.:*December*:. is to me one of those Stores that deserves to be Remembered and Landmarked and MandyMandy is a definetly awesome designer and we still have a LOT to see from her.

*Pic Done by LovelyMiwakoParadise Kiss Studios*

.:*December*:. Roses Black Bikini
.::Cstar::. Flux "Dark Abyss" Skin (Sold Out)
Hair from Truth

永遠の外観は、スムーズな移行も、細部、素晴らしい職人の技に注目一緒に愛らしい MandyMandyマクミランは、彼女の店12月に提供していること最も素晴らしいアクセサリー、眼鏡など、はるかに作成するために置かれる


.:*December*:. は私1覚えてランドマークとMandyMandyは間違いなく素晴らしいデザイナーであり、我々はまだ多くは彼女から見ることがされるに値するもの店のことです。
Every girl needs some cutle little flats in their closet! These Skootch flats are from Baby Monkey Shoes and come in a variety of colors. What's great about them is they come in sets of colors with a texture change script. You can purchase one set of flats and get lots of choices!

This is the Blue and green set, I'm only showing a few of the colors, but you actually get about 5/6 more color choices!

I'm wearing the gold flats here which comes in the browns and golds set. You can find these cute shoes at Baby Monkey Shoes & Store in Dindrane Elfor (229, 55, 33)


*Pic by LovelyMiwako7399 Menna from Paradise Kiss Studios*

[Tacky Star]
Tacky Star: The Lolligagers: "Butterfly" Skin Pale
Tacky Star: The Precious: Small Fight Make-up
Tacky Star: "Stain" Eyes
[Dilly Dolls] *DD* Crossed White Dress
[Katat0nik] Mortido Mary Janes
[Junwave] Lovely Girl Hair in GOLD
[O.G] Custom Pose by LovelyMiwako7399 Menna

If what you love is looking like a doll, or simply you want a sweet different look, then Tacky Star is the place for you.

Aura Falta creates what she loves... doll looking glassy eyes, pale beautiful soft skins and everything you may need to complement that doll look you may be after.

What you see is what you get, that is what i love about this little gem right here, is simple, yet complex, is cute yet dark, Aura's stuff can be adjusted to any kind of look, from a Elegant Gothic Lolita to a high fashion couture look.

What i can says is... you better pay attention to this amazingly cute designer, she keeps amazing me daily.

What do retro, shabby chic, art and SL have in common? Petunia at Respite! I was pleasantly surprised by the uniqueness of this quiet little shop just off the beaten path. I think you might be too if you are looking for something different that is retro yet beautiful and charming. Upon rezzing at Petunia's I was taken by the precise detail the creator, Aree Lulibub, put in to her decor. This little shop reminds me of a little shop in Boho I recently visited in California's Napa Valley. Go visit Petunia at Respite, Asimov Park (127,60,27).


Hello! This is my first post, so thought I would share this cute little sun dress I found at MNK. If you like getting "dolled" up, with frills and lace, this is for you. I love the fresh, clean girl next door look in this dress. You can also wear it as a shorter skirt or longer skirt, or just as a blouse with some cute jeans!
Redgrave skin Moon/natural
Hair by Truth-Anise in Ginger
CRIS necklace pearl Donna Flora
ADA Bangles pear donna flora
GF platform shoes Rosette
Naive ankle socks
Fleurir pink dress by MNK
A Few weeks ago I met one of the greatest people on the grid, her name is AnneAlyce Maertens and she happens to own this amazing skin store known as ::Dulce Secrets:: and OMG this girl can make any skin look GREAT in any kind of shape.

Her style cannot be caged only in one, is a mixture of sensual and extremely cute, her make-ups can be worn in almost every situation, trust me you will fall in love with her creations.

I wanna show you 2 of her most amazing skins:

Name of the Pic: Bringing Back Marlene
*Pic done by LovelyMiwako7399 Menna from Paradise Kiss Studios*

::Dulce Secrets:: Bella Pinot Full Skin
[Leezu!] Kiss Sarah Flexi Dress in Black
Donna Flora MARLENE Hair in Blonde

This sexy skin is a salute to Noir, extremely red lips and smokey black make up that frame the eyes of a pale skin. She could easily revive memories from noir stars and still be used as an everyday skin.
This skin is an unreleased skin for now, it will soon be available for sale in the Alphabet Soup Bazar.

Name of the Pic: Flower of Black Rose
*Pic done by LovelyMiwako7399 Menna from Paradise Kiss Studios*

::Dulce Secrets:: Trinity Chablis Full Skin
[Eshi Otawara]
CROWN Hair in Black
Accessories and shirt from "Black Gems are Forever" Outfit
[Leezu!] Lea Pants in Black
[Pixel Mode] Baby T Plain in Hot Pink

Now here is another example of a tan Malibu skin, her fresh look makeup in shades of pink and purple and the pink lips are the perfect combination to add that awesome color to your day.

Personally i would recommend you to go running inmediately to ::Dulce Secrets:: and grab any of the amazing skins that AnneAlyce has for sale. You won't be dissapointed.

*Pic done by LovelyMiwako7399 Menna from Paradise Kiss Studios*

[::...WaRpEd PeRcEpTiOn...::]
::.WP.:: Knotted Shirt in white
::.WP.:: Caught in Black (Group gift)
::.WP.:: Womens Graphic Jeans V2 Day of the Dead (crack version)
[Truth] Mena - Champagne

Warped Pepception is one of those stores ready to be discovered by those who dare to take a step inside.
A store of vibrant colors, slick lines and a sex appeal that screams "I am so yours" drew my attention when I tumbled upon this little gem.

The clothes mainly could be defined as a kind of "fashionista grunge" and although most people would think that he grunge look cannot be taken to anything but grunge, this little designer by the name of Kalika Darkstone has managed to create lines that can be used in the most outrageous places, even with couture.

With a variety of products for male and female and a line of skins that can be defined as nothing more than "orgasmik", Warped Perception has left a mark in my deepest corners of my SL fashionista side.