Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Totally Random is one of those hidden gems in SL® that once you happen upon it you are very happy you did. The store has a good variety of clothing in different styles for many occasions. And it is affordable, so you can do so serious damage to your inventory and wallet LOL. The dress I am shown below is called Butterfly Fields. A versatile outfit to suit your needs.

My favorite parts of this outfit are the two skirt options that come with the dress. It is like having two dresses in one! You can't beat that. The first skirt option is called the partygirl skirt. Who doesn't love a good party? It's a sexy and stylish look perfect for going clubbing. You can dress it up or down. I choose to dress it up a little with black pearls and an updo. No matter where you go in this dress, compliments will surely follow...

The second skirt option is a more formal one. A long flowing skirt made of silky smooth fabric. Now you can go from daytime partygirl, to nighttime ballgown diva. Butterfly Fields will attract attention from first glance. Either of these looks shown will do a wonderful job if your dressing to impress.
Hair: Lily (Espresso) - TRUTH
Dress: Butterfly Fields (Aqua) - Totally Random
Jewelery in Pic 1: Mega Pearls Necklace & Earrings (Black) - Purple Rose Jewelry
Jewelery in Pic 2: Point of Light- Gems & Kisses
Shoes: Pump & Anklestrap Heels (Black Patent) - Stiletto Moody

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Adel Mistwood Jewelry

Adel Mistwood Jewelry

[Mistwood] 3 Whishes -Bracialet
[Mistwood] 3 Whishes -Necklage
[Mistwood] 3 Whishes -Ring
[Mistwood] 3 Whishes -Earrings

Dress: .:PoPcoRn:. Ballerina Dress-White
Hair: Fri.day - Carrie- Reds
Tattoo: Smudge- iris

[Mistwood] Moon Hug White -Collar
[Mistwood] Moon Hug White -Earrings
[Mistwood] Triton - Bracialet

Hair: W&Y Model Hair 12
Skin: :::unBra::: Skin -Sheva- tan /M3
Dress: Apple May Designs- Music Remixed

[Mistwood] Glacial Stones - Armband/Bracialet
[Mistwood] Glacial Stones -Earrings
[Mistwood] Glacial Stones -Necklage
[Mistwood] Glacial Stones -Tiara

Eyes: Pan-Dea
Shape: by Hotdogs Miami
Skin: Strumpet: Goodbye Norma Jean
Dress: {SMS} Fishy Glitter Dress Plum
Hair: Kawaii jelly Sophisticute Hair- Reds II

At Adel Mistwood Jewelry the first thing I noticed entering this store was how unique the pieces were and the prices being low of course :P Adel was very excited about his pieces and I could definitely see why because each collection was very special and had great vision. I asked Adel about his artistic vision for the store......
Adel Mistwood: my vision of jewelry is to be unique first of all
Adel Mistwood: something very new every week
Adel Mistwood: and many different styles
Adel Mistwood: to reflect the personality of every women
Adel Mistwood: someone is elegant, someone strong, someone sweet
Bella Ely: So as a man do you think you have a better idea of what women want?
Adel Mistwood: well I think i know how make a woman feel good and i work for the happiness of women
Bella Ely: ooooooo i like that!!!!
There were many other things I liked as well from the MM board to a free gift and also Adel is Italian so you know everything is fancier :D I was very impressed by the affordability while not lacking any detail. Adel assures me he will regularly have new things out and if you are interested in custom jewelry say for your bridesmaid he would love to accommodate that.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

House of Fox

House of Fox

House of Fox, the Couture store that is actually affordable!!!!

Dress: Houseoffox: ModernAge
Hair: Houseoffox: PlatinumLadyWig

Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots Silver - BAX Coen Designs
Bracelet: The Warrior Bangles (Tricolor) - Gems & Kisses
Skin: Fiona Glow (Drama Makeup) - Free Speerit (no longer made)
Lashes: Long EyeLashes Double Flower - Nikita Fride
Eyes: InSight Dark Grey Eyes - Amacci

Shirt: Houseoffox-Black Studded Bra
Houseoffox-Studed Leather Sleeves
Pants: Houseoffox -Black Leather Girl Pants
Shoes: Houseoffox- Angynessheels Black

Vett's Boutique - V Gloves Black+W
LouLou&co - Belt Asteroid Black V1
LouLou&co Earrings - Tour of ears - Myrtil

House of Fox was truly a fun store to find!! And it truly is a gem that is a bit hidden in SL. If you are a fashion fanatic like myself or model you have to visit this store. I was so intimidated to contact the brilliant designer of this clothing line. I thought she would be a snobby designer of Coutuuurreeee. She is sweet as pie!!!
Bella Ely: omgosh i have to talk to you, you are a genius!!!
Fashionboi Landar: ty sooo much
Fashionboi Landar: and im surely freee to talk
Bella Ely: I am like so impressed i'm freaking out
Bella Ely: so what inspires you I mean you use pretty mute colors and create these fascinating peices!
Fashionboi Landar: ty ty, well there's actually alot of things that inspires me, it can be music, or even seeing some other designs and such and just me puting ideas i have together to make each piece because i cannot draw lol
Bella Ely: wow so you don't use sketches first?
Fashionboi Landar: nope i usally just go right for it and just play around i might attempt a pretty bad sketch every once inawhile
Fashionboi Landar: if im not able to get right toit
Bella Ely: wow i mean i just see such originality in your place like I want to get in your brain and the fit of the clothes is immaculate
Bella Ely: why do you have things priced sooooo affordably?
Fashionboi Landar: i do it because i believe in everyone being able to wear nice things because me coming from like nothing i can relate i used to always wish and wish i had the things ive seen around
Fashionboi Landar: so thats why i do
Bella Ely: that is wonderful that you do that really
I was amazed how humble this designer was when standing in her beautiful, creative store staring at designs I have never seen before. The clothes are soooo affordable and fit both myself (a tiny avi) and my models (who are like 10 ft tall haha). If you want to stand out or just have a little black dress that makes a statement this is the store for you!!