Outfit 1
Top [Cynful] Dostie- Cherry
Comes in Steelblue, Sea Green, Purple, Cherry, Peachy, Chocarol, Grey Pink, Maroon, Orange, Pink, Purple, yellow
Pants [Cynful] Orange Bottom- Red
Outfit 2
[Cynful] Corset Overall-gray Stripes comes with white and black lace top and two different prim flares wide and saggy

Outfit 3&4
[Cynful] Corset Overall-bisque black comes with white and black lace top and two different prim flares wide and saggy

Outfit 5
[Cynful] Thehoodiesuit-babyblue

Outfit 6
[Cynful] Thehoodiesuit-black prim zipper and hood

[Cynful] is just like being a kid in a candy store. The clothes are not made from templates or prefab in any way. They are highly detailed right down to the buttons and zippers! I tried on the first hoodie outfit and a guy near by me said "that's hot." haha so it grabs attention and makes you look hot! Also I don't have that great of a butt but all these clothes make my butt look so cute! That is off topic haha This store is clean and organized. They offer multiple layers of everything and different choices for attachments or tops etc. They also have available many many different colors to pick from. I highly suggest the fat packs!! And I've never said that on a blog before! I asked who was behind all the talent in these stores and the vision they have:
Gracie Kangjon: Cynthia Ultsch she is the creator for Cynful and CnS E-Motion Poses
Gracie Kangjon: I also am a creator for CnS and for Cynful Beertschi Lytton creates clothes too the ones marked Cynful & Co.
Bella Ely: ok cool so could you tell me a bit of the vision or direction for the clothes/poses and shop?
Gracie Kangjon: Well, Cynful Clothing has been open for a year and CnS E-Motion will be open 2 years in May while both have great base we ofc want to expand while continuing to offer great products :D
Gracie Kangjon: Cyn doesnt use templates or RL textures she draws everything by hand and creates it in photoshop :D
Gracie Kangjon: as does Beer for Cynful too :D
It is amazing that she does everything by hand really once you see the quality of clothing it is so highly detailed and really makes any avatar shape look amazing!

Poses: CnS E-Motion Blogger pose packs
These poses are honestly amazing I will be using them frequently. Its very hard to make poses that are cute and sexy but also show off your clothes. I love love love these any blogger go buy these immediately!!

Shape: By hotdogs miami
Hair: fri. Amelia Dramatic Red
Tattoo: Sumdge Iris2
Skin: Lara skins
Eyes: CB Glossy Shock Eyes
2nd Tattoo: Etchd Mudflap girls
Shoes: Maitreya Verve Pumps-red

CnS e-motion & [Cynful] HQ's CYN CITY's Shopping District

Shirt: *NINIKO* Chiffon Cutsew(green*Yellow)
Pants: *NINIKO* Holiday Pants (black)

Hair: Fri.day Amelia Dramatic Red
Tattoo: *smudge-iris
Shoes: Periquita Funny Girl Flats
Lashes: /Wasabi Pills/ Drama Queen Eyelashes
Bracelet: Brown Glitter Clubbing Dress *REDGRAVE*