And accessories :P

SHIRT: -SU!- Cheerleaders Tank Violet
PANTS: -SU!- Lionight Pant Black
SHOES: -SU!- Winter Boots Black
SHAPE: Custom made by HotDogs Miami Owner of- STRUMPET
SKIN: unBra Skin: Sheva- tan /M3 (push up)
HAIR/HAT: W&Y hair New74 A
EYES: *-CB-* Eyes-Toxinated
TATOO (chest): Smudge iris
TATOO (back): Leti's Wings 01
PEIRCING: [skream!] "delicate fangs"
ARM WRAPS: Rainbow bandages (got them on slx)

Suicidal Unborn is an awesome unique place that brings some rock-n-roll, sexy and tough combination. It lets females be sexy but hard edge as well with bright fun colors and sensual designs topped with great fabrics and designs/logos that kick it up a notch!!! I also love this shop because they offer clear adverts and fat packs for every item almost and they are dinamyte. I shop affordably and this place lets you buy fun peices and dresses and not break the bank. I also love this store cause their name is kick azz sorry had to add that haha :D


This store has always impressed me because it is a definite quality not quantity type of store. Fargo Zeplin is the inspired name behind these unique and eclectic clothing line which she puts her blood, sweat and tears in to. Although the store may not have lines and lines of clothes I promise you what you will find are quality, interesting items that fit great and always get you compliments! Check her out at the Designers United event going on right now where she has some kick butt cute vaudevillian items up that are just too cute for words. Make sure you Pick up the free umbrella while you are there to top off any of the outfits she has from her amazing trench long coats to her dresses and leggings.