• (Coverup) Basics pocket cardigan [grass] ((200Ls)) for row of 5 
  • (Top & Skirt) Summer Breeze [ravishingred] ((120Ls))
  • (Leggings) Basics Sheer Leggings [blank] FREE
Holy Cow this store is AAAAmazing. First off the store itself is adorable. It is filed with clothes on hangers, cutouts, and little bubbles with chit chat in them. The designer Anya Ohmai is one of the sweetest people I have met on SL. She really wants to share her love of design with us regular SL folk. She puts the white version of her shirts and cardi's for free (she calls them blank and says she wants them to be like demo's). 
Bella Ely: its amazing how much stuff you give for free and the detail to stuff you give for freebies
Anya Ohmai: hee... when i opened my store i wanted to give out freebies but I really wasn't sure how to go about doing it, so I decided if I made white stuff as freebies it might be like a wearable demo of sorts :D 
White is one of my favorite clothing colors so I went bananas. She also has the store set up so when you pay regular price for a tank or shirt you can get five seperate colors as a bonus on her first floor of her store. Her second floor features delightful dresses that remind me of flowers along with very unique dresses that offer prim skirts as well as ones with sculptie skirts. She offers different version to her dresses which can be worn just as shirts as well. The third floor features a beautiful whimsical dress. And Anya will soon be offering hair on the fourth floor. She is growing but still keeps the everyday shopper in mind. I could not help but notice how playful and unique this shop is and asked what her vision was for the shop.
Anya Ohmai: I like fashion and i love drawing on photoshop, but my parents in rl aren't too happy about that artsy part ;) so sl lets me live out that dream
This to me makes me happy inside because isn't that what SL is all about. Please check this place out whether it be for the free white gear, 5Ls (highly detailed) tank top rows, or her flawless cardi's, leggings and dresses!!! It is a must see in Second Life shopping!

Anya's blog can be seen here=====> Click here!
And to visit !Ohmai please click here for TP !Ohmai Mainstore


Formerly Known as Whimsey, (Medley) is a cute little shop with a range of different items to choose from, including; tops, socks, pants, dress, piercings, and even hair. If you love colorful simplicity, (Medley) is the shop for you! There's even a few mens items.

^In The Photo Above^
  • (skin) May - Addict- Raccoon (( 300 L$ ))
  • (dress) Striped Dress - Pink (( 125 L$ ))
  • (sock) Thigh Socks-Black (from the Monochrome pack) (( 60 L$ ))
Manga Passion

Manga Passion is most well known for their Japanese Kawaii / Harajuku style of most of their clothing, like some of the Hello Kittie items, colorful mix-n-match clothing, harajuku hair barrettes, and random odds and ends, like a lunch box! But they also have full outfits, skirts, shoes, shorts and leggings.

Outside the store then have a selection of super cute freebies, and for the lucky chair lover, they offer two, both with lucky chair only exclusive items.

^In The Photo Above^

  • (Top/bottom) Denim (Black) + braces (( 100 L$ ))

^In the Photo Above^
  • (top) Shirt/Dress - Sexy Dress in Red (( 100 L$ ))
  • (bottom) Shorts - brown short (( 90 L$ ))


^In The Photo Above^
  • (shirt) Anime- Mine! T-shirt ((50 L$))
  • (skirt) Chic Tripp Skirt-black ((45 L$))
  • (shape) Bridget Shape [free small custom alterations] ((250 L$))
Cheeky Lemon part of MishMosh Shopping
This is a cute little boutique with some unique stuff all for very cheap. The featured shirt is part of their anime t-shirts. They also do custom t-shirt you pick the color and what you want it to say or have a favorite image they will hook you up!! Custom t-shirts are great for bachelorette parties and baby showers. They also have a MishMosh Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe Hunt going on so look for the pink lips in the stores on the land and grab some great free items.

*Cheeky Lemon is part of a shopping center with some really great stores such as !doux Couture, [scream!], Alexohol Fashions, B&G shoes, Boof, BOOM, Cheeky Lemon, Corpus, Dangerous Cinsations, Lacie Cakes, LiBu's Illusion, Medley, Total Betty, Troubled rebel, Relentless Couture
*They also participate in tons of hunts so you will find free items all around the store if you just go searching. Also check around the corner of this new and just being constructed store for some cheapies.

Check out Cheeky Lemon and all the MishMosh stores in-world here: 
======> Click here for Cheeky Lemon Shop
^In The Photo Above ^
  • (eyes) eyes - Ocean ((35 L$))
  • (head)Antlers - Teal ((75 L$))
  • (top)Buckled Mini Dress - BlueBerry ((125 L$))
  • (pants)Comic Leggings ((115 L$))
  • (feet)My Knit Stompers - Black (( 100 L$))

.:Relentless Couture:. formerly named ..::VoLT::.

*attention bargain hunters, all of the older items from when .:Relentless Couture:. was called ..::VoLT::. have their own section in the store, where all of the older items are marked down at least 50% off of their original selling price!*

.:Relentless Couture:. sells a variety of clothing, a few hairs, eyes, shoes, a few hybrid body parts, full perm templates, and kits for builders, theres also an entire room devoted to Dollarbies!

Since the name changed, there's been a new location ( SLURL - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Yokoatejima/70/23/2001 ) and all of the newly released items are highly detailed, rich with color, and very flattering to the consumer, not to mention very fairly priced!